Thursday, 30 December 2010

I like this font as I think the way the font style flows and has quite intricate detail works well. It seems delicate which suits the style we are trying to portray. This is a definite possibility to put on the front of our Digi Pack.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Sketch of magazine cover (old post)



I prefer the second sketch as it includes a screen shot from our music video, giving the audience an insight. It also promotes the single 'Mayday' more than the first, and this is what the magzine cover is ment to be selling. We will use photoshop to create our magazine cover.

Timeline for DVD commentary (old post)


As our final commentary had to be roughly five minutes long, when sketching out the timeline i split it into minutes. This enabled us to seperate what we may be talking about therefore giving us a better outline. We are going to use our evaluation questions to keep consistansy throughout. I thorght that the first minute and a half should be dedicated to the first question because it is the most important.

By collecting our main talking points from our evalutions this helped our put a draft together. Using each other's points, as well as our own we split them between the four of us. This will give us all a fair amount of time to tell the audience our view. We are going to be including goodwins points throughout our commentary.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Locations/props we did used in the end. (old post)

For the majority of our music video we had planned to go to RAF Upwood, located near Huntingdon.   The reason we had planned on using this venue was because it was a disused air base, graffiti covered and derelict and we felt it would work well in a sepia tone.  Unfortunately due to transport difficulties we were unable to reach Upwood, however we made the best of the situation and filmed in Huntingdon and in fact were very pleased with the outcome, having captured many excellent shots in fields and by the river.

We initially contact The Junction thinking that as its is used as a music venue, we could use the equipment there such as the smoke machine to set the scene for our video.  However, The Junction were unable to assist us and instead we used the college stage, which was a downfall from what we had planned and we were all very disappointed.  Although we feel it didn't look as professional as we had hoped, by playing around with lighting we managed to get the artist looking like he was performing to an audience and the end product was more than satisfactory. 

As we had two parallel storylines, we had used one shot filmed by the river at Huntingdon, but we needed the other to be shot in a house to portray the couple at home to look realistic.  We used my house for extra footage, showing the couple in the sitting room arguing, in the hallway on the stairs and visual shots of the couple separated by the bannister.

We decided to film some more dreamy depth of field camera angles to compliment both the song and the genre.  I took these mainly in a field behind the back of the college, the lighting was perfect as it made the autumn leaves look great with the sepia tone of the video.


We had to borrow a guitar from the music department for our performance shots.  To give more of a visual analysis, during our filming we thought it would be a good idea to show the couple feelings for one another by using spray paint to draw a heart on a brick wall, each of them spraying just the one half.  The other prop we needed was a spot light.  This was used to give a good focus on the artist as he performed, highlighting his face and emotions singing the song.

Trouble with Directer's commentary

We successfully filmed our directors commentary to show a creative interpretation of our evalutions. This began by booking a room in the college in a previous lesson, enabling us to capture our footage during class time.  Fortunately the room had a computer so we were able to check back on the most necessary information to discuss. We used the four evaultion questions as an outline for our topic points.

Unfortunately once we had uploaded our footage onto the computer ready to edit, many of our clips had disappeared. After trying many different solutions to solve this problem, we lost out on including all of our group members in the commentary, and missing important facts we we wanted to include.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

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